You can wash the entire pillow, however we do not recommend it. Although you might initially kill the majority of bacteria, you set yourself up for mold and mildew to start developing around the inner foam over time. It’s not easy getting a pillow 100% dry, if there is any moisture left than bad things come along with it. We recommend washing your pillow cover once a week and replacing your pillow every 4, 6, or 12 months.

We do not recommend washing the entire pillow. See answer above for our recommended care instructions.

This is an option, however to truly be a waterproof protector the cell structure has to be small enough so that moisture can’t get through but big enough for air to escape. This type of material can cause you to sleep hot as well as give you the feeling of sleeping on plastic. The covers on our pillows offer a lot of benefits. Don’t cover it and lose out. Wash your cover once a week and let us replace your pillow when you’re ready.

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