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Comfort to the Core

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Comfort To The Core

Our Core Pillow is designed with a balance of comfort and support that will help you sleep faster and stay asleep longer. But why stop there? An old pillow (no matter which one) can still give you allergies, acne, and other health issues. That’s why we give you the option to subscribe and save. Receive a fresh, new pillow when you need it. With the Pillow Club you’ll get the luxury sleep you deserve, without your health (and your pocket) suffering.

Person laying on a soft pillow showing the spine is unaligned.

Your Current Pillow

Fluffy with no substance, or flattened to a pancake through years of wear and tear, your old pillow lacks support leading to a stiff neck and a restless night's sleep of stacking, flipping, fluffing and folding.

The Core Pillow

Our Core Pillow is designed with a supportive yet flexible foam core that cradles your neck and relieves pressure from those pesky pressure points allowing you to get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

GIF of a man laying on the core pillow, with his spine in perfect alignment.
The Core Pillow with a blue overlay and air circulation lines moving across.

Always Cool, Never Clingy

Our Phase Change Material cover regulates your body temperature throughout the night, while our breathable shredded foam throughout allows for heat to pass rather than trapping it in, keeping you cool all night long.

Soft & Supportive

Stacking is for pancakes, not pillows. That's why we designed our pillows with the optimal amount of shredded memory foam for a lightweight and luxurious feel as your head hits the pillow.

Hands squishing The Core Pillow, which springs back.


It’s easy to blame your mattress on a rough nights sleep, but next time take a closer look at your pillow. Most people don’t realize the importance of changing out your pillow regularly and the consequences of letting your pillow fester.


Sweat, dirt, oil, and bacteria can build up quick in your bedding and it doesn't stop at your pillowcase. Every night you rest your face on this bacteria-laden surface your transferring all of it back to those pretty little pores.


Do you ever wake up with a runny nose, watery eyes, and uncontrollable sneezes? There’s a good chance you might be one of the 80% of people suffering from a dust mite allergy, and we’re not actually allergic to the bugger itself. We’re allergic to its feces… And unfortunately, these little guys love setting up home base in your pillow.


Old or frequently washed pillows can become flat or lumpy as the fibers break down over time, leaving you with little support for your neck and back as you sleep. That’s why we recommend washing your pillow every other week while replacing it at least once a year. You’ll thank us later!

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The Core Pillow

A white pillow on a grey background. The pillow has The Pillow Club logo stitched as a pattern all the way across.
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Cruelty Free
Made In America
Designed In Huntington Beach

Soft on the outside, firm on the inside so you can get to sleep faster, stay asleep longerand wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

  • Shredded memory foam layer takes away any pressure and helps you fall asleep faster.
  • Firm foam core is a supportive layer that aligns your spine and helps you stay in REM sleep longer.
  • Temperature regulation fabric keeps you cool while you sleep allowing you to sleep soundly through the night.
  • The Core Pillow is perfect for all sleeping positions.

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